FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who can participate?

A.  The Survival of the Fittest – Extreme Edition, Health – Wellness – Weight Loss Challenge [hereafter “the Challenge”] is open to individuals, male or female, who desire to lose at least 10 pounds and are free of major health constraints.

 Q.  What does the program consist of?

A.  The Challenge is a program designed to help individuals lose weight in a manner which encompasses a holistic approach to fitness.  It will stress several components:

  • Regular exercise
    • Stretching/yoga
    • Strength training
    • Aerobic exercise
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Proper sleep and rest
  • Accountability
  • Positive affirmations

Participants must follow the various rigid/structured meal plans.

 Q.  When will the program be conducted?

The Challenge will begin Monday, July 13th and will end, Saturday September 5th 2015, for a total of 8 weeks. Group training sessions will be one hour each, once or twice a day, depending upon the phase of the program[1].





July 5 – July 11
Preparation Phase – Mandatory Orientation Meeting May 17, 2014 at 6:30am.  Program introduction, explanation and final payments due


July 13 – July 25 Detoxification Phase – July 11th Mandatory Kickoff meeting will consist of before weights, measurements, pictures,  and additional Q&A for clarification.


July 26 – August 8
Transitional Phase


August 9 – September 5
Extreme Strength and Conditioning Phase

Fitness sessions are:

























Q.  Where will the activities take place?

A.  Daily workout will be conducted at Got Body Fitness 900 N. Polk Street in DeSoto.  Depending on spacing, workouts will be both indoors and outdoors

 Q.  Why is the program being offered? 

A.  Our goal is to promote a healthy balance of mind, body & spirit so participants can fully live optimal lives.  We want to create awareness of the factors which contribute to healthy lifestyles and promote opportunities for fellowship, team building and healthy competition.

Q.  How will winner(s) be determined? 

The winner will be determined based on total points (i.e. each pound loss will count as 1 point; each inch lost will count as 1 point, etc).  

The criteria to determine the individual winner and winning team will consist of the following ten categories:
  1. Percentage Weight lost
  1. Percentage Body fat lost (lbs)
  1. Percentage Inches lost
  1. Change in resting heart rate
  1. Test
  1. Attendance/Participation[4][5]
  1. Decrease in total blood pressure points
  1. Community Service Project TBD

Weekly winners will be determined, announced and based on weight and/or inches lost.  Any other participant positive milestones may be announced.  The criteria for winning are designed to accomplish several things:

  1. Ensure that participants are following a ‘healthy’ regimen to achieve results; and
  2. Provide an equal opportunity for anyone to win, regardless of amount of weight needed/desired to lose; and
  3. Promote community service in fun environment.

There will be prizes for the individual and team winners. Prizes will be awarded from various local businesses.  All participants will receive certificates for participation and be recognized at an End of Contest Celebration scheduled September 19, 2015.  Contest totals may be entered by EOF volunteers in the interim.  The board of directors will calculate the final tally.

 Q.  What are the costs?

A. Registration is $150.  Participants may feel free to solicit sponsorships from friends, family or co-workers.  Foods for meal plans and preparation supplies (ie juicer) need to be acquired, as well, participants are encouraged to save money if funds are tight.  Participants will be required to bring water , mat and towel to each workout.  It is optional, but when we get to the strength and conditioning phase, it is recommended to wear workout gloves and place additional inserts/orthopedics in the athletic shoes.

 Q.  What is the refund policy prior to the program beginning?

 A.   Prior to July 11th, there will be a $25 forfeiture fee to cover the cost of administration.  Any dropouts, either by communication or non-attendance, will result in a forfeit of the entire entry fee.  Any non-compliance or violations of the spirit or the letter of the program rules (ie restricted diet aids, failure to show up for weigh-ins to avoid registering weigh gains, and/or negativity) may be subject to disqualification of the participant.

 Q.  Are there restrictions or limitations to participate?

 A. Out of range readings on blood pressure & heart rate screenings or injuries may result in a referral to your doctor.  If that is the case, a release to participate will be required to return.  All participants must [electronically] sign a participant waiver.  Other limitations will be communicated at the orientation meeting.

 Q.  What are the prizes?

 A. The prizes for 2015 will be determined based on contributions received and registration fees forfeited.  This year’s budgeted payout is anticipated to be the following:


There will also be monthly drawing of at least $100 for monthly weigh-ins after the conclusion of the program.

Q.  Can children participate?

A.  Children under 17 can participate with modified program.  They must be accompanied by a parent who is also a participant and they are not eligible for any of the grand prizes.  The cost for the child will be $50 each.  The prizes for this category will be determined based upon the number of children entered who has 75% participation.

Q.  How and when do I sign up?

A.  Registration takes place beginning July 5 2015 online at:  www.essenceoffitness.org.  Any additional questions or concerns can posed on the Contact Us page on the website or email Deedra Penny at:  deedra@essenceoffitness.org.



   Any additional questions or concerns visit the Contact Us page.  
Or email Deedra Walker Penny at:  deedra@essenceoffitness.org.

[1] Multiple daily workouts are not permitted during Phase I or Phase II
[2] Weigh In, Measurement, Education Session
[3] Weekly Aerobics Class immediately following weigh in
[4] Each regular session counts as 1 point; Saturday Weigh-ins and workout 
session count as 5 points each.